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Approaching towards super sonic communication. This feature is the best in it ever. Exploring the the definite part of communication.


Token Allocation Summary

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Token Allocation

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This Feature is an trigger for good online communication with sonic transparency.

Project owners and Acquisitions can see and track their Process to monitor the estimated value and learn about schedules with queries and solutions.  By understanding your relationship to the property, we can tailor what we show and send you to make see and track their Queries 

There is no limit to the number of Queries and IPs  you can track. Once you have tracked a property you will be able to track additional properties, make changes ( Subject to Approvals) to your property relationship and change your primary Rights too.

Franchise allocations are made solely by the local authorize officials of VMAS ASIA and have no authority to anyone else to take object directly. More to be announce on this soon. 

Price estimates are calculated by Prop Track Executive Producers  by looking at multiple properties and local market data points, which together can provide insight into the approximate value of a project. The data that informs the estimate range includes production values and local market data including: Intellectual Rights types, Recent sales & local price trends, and creative area. To learn more about privacy and Property Value pages. more to come soon

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Being a global presence and strategic activity we have gain  

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VMAS ASIA is set to start soon to began its journey to make an distinguish mark in media & entertainment industry. 


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